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Regulation of general fluorescent lamps under the Minamata Convention

On November 3, 2023, a decision was made at the Minamata Convention COP5 to abolish fluorescent lamps for general lighting.

All products handled by Sankyo Denki, including UV lamps, are not subject to this regulation, and we will continue to supply them without change.(None of our products are classified as general fluorescent lamps.)


Reference: Japan Lighting Manufacturers Association materials

1. 231106 COP5_Fluorescent Lamp Decisions・・・Attachment 1

Sankyo UV lamps have been used by major domestic and overseas businesses.


Sankyo Denki employs cutting-edge production facilities to manufacture UV germicidal lamps, black light fluorescent lamps and other general UV lamps, as well as special lamps. This wide range of products enables Sankyo Denki to meet the needs of both Japanese and foreign customers. Drinking water disinfection system installed on several trains and other running water disinfection system for medical and industrial use are manufactured through rigorous inspection of each part and tests of the quality and performance of the finished products.

Applications of UV LAMP












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