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Since 1947, we have been engaged in manufacturing and sales of various kind of discharge lamps represented by ultraviolet lamps and several application products.

Meanwhile, living environment surrounding us has changed rapidly by social innovation, and the demand for environment sanitation and food hygiene is drastically increasing regardless of fields.

In such condition, sterilization by ultraviolet light has attracted a lot of attention as a clean and effective tool with much less damages to the target foods or goods.

We offer high quality germicidal lamps and application products for worldwide market to meet several needs for sterilization,

We also offer the lamps and related products for applications other than sterilization such as medical and material treatment fields utilizing ultraviolet and near-ultraviolet light energy.

Sankyo-denki will continue to provide high quality products and wide variety of services to contribute to society with listening to the customers voice

Nobuhiro Fujino


October 1947
  Established in Shinagawa, Tokyo


June 1948
  The company was renamed from Nihon Iryo Shinku Kogyosho to Sankyo Denki Co., Ltd.


September 1948
  The company became a factory certified by the Ministry of Communication (as a supplier of

  Nippon Telephone Telegraph Public Corporation) and supplied self-restoring electric arrester


December 1949
  The production of UV germicidal lamps began.

July 1952
  UV germicidal lamps were adopted by the Japan National Railways.

September 1958
  The UV germicidal lamp became a recommended product by the Japan Food Hygiene


May 1962
  Hiratsuka factory was completed and began its operations.

December 1970
  The production of black light fluorescent lamps began.

March 1972
  Headquarters moved to Hiratsuka, Kanagawa to be Headquarters/Factory.

January 1980
  Sankyo Denki and its affiliates, Toyoda Sankyo, Sankyo Denki Hanbai, and Toyoda Medical.

  formed a close business group “Sankyo Denki Group” thru mutual stock holding of each

  other to aim at greater development of the group companies.

May 1987
  The company merged Sankyo Denki Hanbai

April 1998
  The company merged Toyoda Sankyo

April 2014
  The company merged Toyoda Medical

Corporate name: Sankyo Denki Co., Ltd.
Founded in October 1947
Capital : 72 million yen

[Main Financing Bank]
  The Shoko Chukin Bank

[Product Line]

  UV germicidal lamps

  Black light blue fluorescent lamps

  Special fluorescent lamps

[Major Customers in Japan]
  Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation
  Panasonic Corporation
  HotaluX, Ltd.
  DN Lighting Co., Ltd.

[Export Destinations]
  USA, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, UAE, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan,

  Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Korea, etc.


Hiratsuka Sales Office [Contact]
  7F Miyanomae Building
  1-7, Miyanomae, Hiratsuka, Kanagawa, 254-0035 Japan
   Phone: +81-463-73-8311   Fax: +81-463-79-8890


  1-35, Shinmachi, Hiratsuka, Kanagawa, 254-0076 Japan

   Phone: +81-463-31-7334 Fax: +81-463-34-5165

Hiratsuka Sales Office [Contact]
7F Miyanomae Building
1-7, Miyanomae, Hiratsuka, Kanagawa, 254-0035 Japan
  Phone: +81-463-73-8311   Fax: +81-463-79-8890

1-35, Shinmachi, Hiratsuka, Kanagawa, 254-0076 Japan
  Phone: +81-463-31-7334   Fax: +81-463-34-5165

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